Sławski Zakład Przetwórstwa Mięsa i Drobiu “Balcerzak i Spółka”

is the biggest meat processing manufacturer in the region and one of the biggest and most modern all over Poland. The company belongs to German group heristo ag. It possesses recognized and reputable brand, and – what is of the key importance – stable market position.

The “Balcerzak i Spółka” company has been founded in 1996.

Modern, stepwise and consequently expanded machinery, professional, fully engaged team of employees and original recipes of products, appreciated by the market and consumers, constitute its key success factors. Effective activities of our Sales Representatives guarantee the distribution of „Balcerzak i Spółka” products in almost all regions of the country. Our leading assortment of semi-dried and long-ripening cold meat – various kinds of „kabanosy” or „Polska surowa długodojrzewająca” – can be easily found in offer of groceries and specialized meat stands from Białystok to Jelenia Góra and from Szczecin to Krosno. “Balcerzak i Spółka” brand belongs to the group of best recognized brands in cold meat branch.

Nowadays, the company employs approx. 600 employees, including highly qualified technologists, continuously developing new, innovative products. Each year, answering market demands, there are new assortments being launched on the market that strengthen company’s position and contribute to its development. Over 120 different products – basing on pork and poultry – offered in regular sales, guarantee daily production on the level of 80 tons per day.

Our customers are: wholesalers, retail outlets, super- and hypermarkets as well as discount chains.

Our goal is to guarantee the customers only products of the highest quality. Quality and safety guarantee are confirmed by IFS certificate (International Food Standard) as well as HACCP system, what is the evidence of our uncompromising approach to quality and safety issues. This is reflected in comprehensive control on each step: starting with raw material selection, by fully controlled production process, up to final delivery on the shelves. Among many of our customers as well as consumers, „Balcerzak i Spółka” became the synonymous of quality and safety of the products.

„Balcerzak i Spółka” brand is in the position of great trust of the consumers focused on high quality and safety of the products. Our quality policy bears interest in many distinctions and quality awards.